All good things come to an end!

Posted by Ankita in Life @ Superchooha on July 21, 2010
All good things must come to an end. And so did Superchooha, your friendly neighborhood hero.

It seems like only yesterday that it was started. Yes, the past two years did go by in a second. The best second of our lives. We would share more details in the coming days, but this is the brief summary of it. We feel there is an urgent need for doing so because some rumours have already started in the digital circles.

Past two years have seen us work with over 40+ clients, right from garage startups to MNCs. We expanded from 1 to 11 in a quick 13 months. And we made some awesome partnerships with other agencies, both within and outside India.

We plan to make all our learnings and case studies public for anyone to consume.

We were here to change things. To make believe in Social Business Design and not Facebook marketing. We were here to kick some serious ass. We were here to prove nothing to no one. We were here not with an exit strategy, but to build something that’s sustainable and valuable to our digital culture for years to come.

In some ways, we did succeed. In others, we did fail. But we still kicked the aforementioned ass :)

But all good things come to an end.

And these are the quick reasons why:
1. Personal decision by both the founders to opt out of the agency model, because once we took our talent to the extreme that it can go, we saw the shortcomings of it. We can have one big post on that, but yes we decided that if we are spending 15 hours working per day, 6 days a week, we better make something which is scalable.
2. Financial and family-related sudden emergencies and needs from both the founders.

And no it was not because of losses (we have been profitable from day one) or because we lost faith in the power of social media or because of differences between the founders. Well apart from the usual differences on what to wear and what day it is, Ankita and Aditya still kick the aforementioned ass, and some more!

What are the plans from here you ask?
Well, the last 3 weeks were spent making sure that all the 9 team members make jobs; which they did, all at their first choices :D
Aditya plans to take a job soon. More on which he will soon share details. Right after he comes back from his Leh-Ladakh-Kargil tour. In fact as you read this, he is at 3403 metres!
Ankita is going to continue with a few clients and then perhaps take a well deserved break before she explores her opportunities.

How does this affect you?
In no way at all :) If you are a client reading this you know that we have taken enough steps to make sure your project is transferred to a deserving agency.
If you are one of the deserving agencies (ex-competition) you better take care of our ex-clients :)
If you are a friend / business partner you know where to call us and spend some good ol’ hearty times with the good ol’ chilled beer at the good ol’ Mumbai bars! :)

There are a loads of sides and twists to this saga, but the conclusion is that we took a bold and courageous decision of opting out when we were at the peak of our growth, it was only going to get better from here. But this decision was taken only because we didn’t want to own a services (specially agency) business model for the rest of our lives.
So here we are. A lot of you know about it for most we are sure it is a surprise. And many of you would have comments, thoughts or questions that you want to share with us. So shoot! But please refrain from telling us that this was a bad / good decision. This is one of those exceptional times when we don’t need your feedback :) No one but our special Superchoohas have the right to do so.

Ankita and Aditya,
Still kicking ass.

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  • Change is good always! All the best!!!

  • Himanshubhalla17

    All I can say is 'Respect'

    Always progress in life. Always.

  • Gs Gill

    Very inspiring post... A bold and courageous decision surely for better things in the future

  • Comes as a surprise guys.. Wish you people do very well :)

  • Peculiarblend

    I am in for not so useful brainstorming session while i am few rounds of drinks otherwise i don't know how does the social marketing work etc. & since i am not employed ( read baykaar) I can surely spend some good ol’ hearty times with the good ol’ chilled beer at the good ol’ Mumbai bars! :) with you guys - am okie with Janta,Gokul or Yacht's for that matter !

    Hope you guys find what you'll are looking for !

    Jai Hind - Over N out \m/

  • thanks!

  • All the best with whatever you guys take up. I saw the energy then and I am sure I will see it again! BTW, we have an opening at DA if interested. Shoot me an email.

  • Thanks Sahil! :)
    What kinda profile are you looking at? Not for me, but have some friends who might be interested! :)

  • Ankita/Aditya:

    Wish you best of luck in your future endeavors. I'm happy that we met and glad to know you now. 2 years is some friggin experience and would come handy in whatever you do next (or whose ass you're going to kick!).

    The lunch (and/or beer) offer is still open whenever you are in Bangalore, next!


  • Indus
    It was nice meeting you too! Thanks for the wishes :)

  • Ankita/Aditya:

    Wish you best of luck in your future endeavors. I'm happy that we met and glad to know you now. 2 years is some friggin experience and would come handy in whatever you do next (or whose ass you're going to kick!).

    The lunch (and/or beer) offer is still open whenever you are in Bangalore, next!


  • Santosh Chavhan

    Hey ankinta. cool yaar, good very good.

  • Ravibalgi

    Great things come in small packages.. i m sure when u go out.. there are many tipping points u'll be responsible for.. all the best \M/

  • Thanks Ravi!

  • You guys will kick ass (aforementioned, unmentioned and otherwise) wherever you go!

  • Thanks Juhi. And you keep doing the same too! As I have always said, India needs better graphic designers. Hope, you dont go find a swanky job in Pixar after your graduation :)


  • Harry Jerry

    And yes of course, wish you loads of good luck in the future! :)

  • Harry Jerry

    OMG! Just hopped on to your blog and saw better be a prank or something....

  • Sanjay Mehta

    Hey Ankita and Aditya, and all the rest of the SC team,
    It is a bold decision for sure! But I can completely understand..
    Wish you the very best in life. I am sure we will be in touch..
    Let me know if I can help anywhere anytime..
    - Sanjay

  • Thanks Sanjay! Your nice words mean a lot.

  • Manoj Damodaran

    Ok A+A. Quickly. Hugs. Congrats. And Good luck. Wear good boots. Kick more serious ass. You guys are awesome.

  • <<takes a="" bow="">>

  • ssunil

    All the best with your future endeavor. It was really nice knowing about Superchooha and meeting you guys.

  • Am bit surprised, cause I found the gang really cool :P

    But I am happy that you guys don't follow the same direction as everyone else and are still open to other opportunities...

    considering the graph of SC.. its so obvious, you guys only gonna do better...n kick some more serious asses in near future... see ya around.. and all da best of luck :D

  • Dev

    You did well, and you will do well...
    although your decision is debatable, i am sure Ankita thought about her baby (SC) well enough before taking this. I have seen her dream growing from one blogging client to handling one entire election campaign and even bigger things!
    good luck!

  • Well I can say on behalf of the Social Media Club of Mumbai and myself that we'll miss having the dependable presence of the Super Chooha team at our events.

    I know this isn't the last we'll see of you - May the force be with you!

  • The Superchoohas will still invade it for the samosas. Not to worry :)

  • Rafaz R

    Gluk for whatever you guys head into. Social Media is definitely going to get BIG but its for some and not for some.

    I hope you guys find your calling in the years to come. Gluk & Godbles!

  • Anandan Pillai

    I can't believe this..and you wont believe, I have read this post more than 10 times since morning and yet finding it difficult to accept this!!!!!

    The attached photo gives me more pain!!! I always believe in people taking challenges, and was very proud of your team. I have proudly discussed about you guys with many of my friends!!! It was great learning working with you guys, even though it was for a brief time.

    I would wish the entire team a great success and more importantly would like to see another post titled, "Things could be turned, at wish", which would say how bad times were over-comed to reunite!!! Please do that soooooooooooonnnnnnn!!!!!

  • Thanks for your nice words Anandan!

  • Kapil

    Ankita...all the best for everything ahead.........will be missing superchooha for's come as a shock but really appreciate the kinda work it has done. Kudos to all the team members...Cheers...Kapil.

  • Deepti Agrawal

    ohhhhh....dont tell me! Would not comment on gud or bad...but this definitely came as a shock. Ritik is gonna be really sad when he reads this.

    anyway, gud luck to both of u rockstar choohas...keep kicking some butt.....n keep both of us posted on wat both of u choose to do ahead!

    btw, we have moved to hyd since last month, get in touch if u happen to travel to this part any time...

  • Gaurav

    Come to an end..nah..All good thing resurface someplace else... Best to the team!

  • Manasi Trivedi

    Ankita/Aditya, good luck for all things ahead. Superchooha will be missed. And let's get beer soon.

  • As the wise Confucius once said, "Yes. Lets drink beer"

  • Sudhir

    All the best to both of you for future endeavor.

  • Anurag Upadhaya

    One thing just one thing,
    I am a bit surprised :O coz I heard superchooha was doing well.

    Frankly I didn't followed you people much, but the way you work and speak says it all. You people had lots of potential.

    Well yeah, it doesn make any sense now to talk upon the decision. But lots of good wishes to everyone on the team and specially to Ankita whom I knew :)
    And if possible, maybe in the future I would love to see Superchooha jumping again.

  • mbansal14

    Restraining myself from telling you that its a good decision. But not restraining myself from wishing you the best of the best of the life ahead!

  • Thanks Mohit! And all the best for your entrepreneurial journey too :)

  • mbansal14

    Thanks dude.

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